Revisiting ‘The Chipko Movement’

June 5, 2021 by Aarya Chavda0

Revisiting ‘Chipko Movement’ : 5th June, World Environment Day


Recently, 5th June 2021 saw the 47th World Environment day, which has been celebrated since 1974.

On this day, I was invited as Guest Speaker at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi (JNU) by Shubh Gupta ji (Convener, Wildlife Conservation, JNU) to talk about ‘Sustainable Living-Caring for Climate’. The topic of this event was ‘Revisiting Chipko Andolan in Covid Times: A Tribute to Sunderlal Ji Buhuguna.’ 

The Chipko Movement was first led by Amrita Devi Bishnoi and later initiated by Sunderlal Ji Buhuguna. Sunderlal ji Buhuguna participated in the Chipko movement and fought the Gandhian way against the construction of Tehri dam. This non-violent movement inspires me to the core of how his dedication led towards the conservation and restoration of India’s natural resources, during those times. The key idea of this webinar was to make the youth realize, that how a simple grassroot movement can save our nature and inspire generations.

Prof. Jagadesh Kumar, Vice chancellor, JNU, while addressing to the students, motivated the youth to be innovative with ideas on saving the environment.

Shri. Gopal Arya, Convener, PSG (Hon. Chief Guest) emphasized on the 3R’s, namely, ‘Reset’, ‘Redefine lifestyle’ and ‘Restart your life’, which taught us an important lesson during Covid times.

During my talk, I expressed my feelings and shared my concerns over the climate crisis and how to repair the damage done to the environment. In my talk, I quoted from my 7th book, ‘Seeds to Sow’, that gives insight on ways in which we can contribute to live a sustainable life.

 Sushree Nita Ganguly, renowned environmentalist (Guest Speaker), was invited to share her views too. I was moved when Nita Ganguly ma’am started her talk by praising me and quoting that, “We need more of Aaryas to make the world aware of the climate crisis and our actions. I wish you and me could multiply like amoebas and create more awareness in the society.” These words lingered in my mind for days and I wondered as to how easily we can connect with each other to work for a cause, to create a better future.

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