Intangible Ahmedabad : Rath Yatra

June 18, 2021 by Aarya Chavda0

 Intangible Ahmedabad : Rath Yatra

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Ahmedabad’s Intangible culture offers a glimpse into the rich repository of history and cultural heritage of my city, which is India’s first UNESCO World Heritage City. Intangible culture of Ahmedabad reverberates a stronger sense of identity among us, which helps us recognize the influences on people, places, time, and events in shaping who we are, from where our feet land first, in our local land and environment. Its importance is not only justified by that, but our culture also connects our past to the present, to build a platform for a peaceful and sustainable future. 

The actual vibrancy and colors of Ahmedabad’s diversity can be witnessed through its festivals. Popular festivities such as Kite Festival, Navratri Mohotsav and many more are celebrated in Ahmedabad. But, the festival of Rath Yatra holds a special place in the hearts of Amdavadis. Every year during the day of Ashadi Beej, we Amdavadis welcome Lord Jagannath to bless us. Thousands of followers take part in a day-long procession of Rath Yatra, where God’s chariots are led through the fixed route of the walled city and its outskirts. Many groups sing devotional songs, and the music bands accompany the Rath Yatra. It takes eight to ten hours to cover the distance of twenty kilometers through the fixed route. Rath Yatra is also an amalgamation of various traditions, multiculturalism and cultural beliefs.

We, citizens of Ahmedabad, consider this day to be very auspicious. 

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