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Art For Cause

We are blessed but many are not. Merakiart is an art base production house which uses Aarya’s art and design to fund charity. It believes in raising awareness through art inspired by variety of customized corporate products and curated artisan gift articles in different mediums. The conscious side of our initiative aims towards a sustainable approach to maximize awareness where 80% of the product proceed gets donated to ‘Liver Cancer Trust Ahmedabad’ for the welfare of underprivileged Cancer patients. Since the age of 6, Aarya has been creating series of artwork and she extends her support by giving back to the society and leaving her impact. By purchasing the products, customers are able to aid in fundraising while sparkling social change and spreading the awareness issue. The idea behind this initiative is to foster creativity in close communion with the basics of nature.
“Art of giving back for a cause.”

Art by Aarya Chavda

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‘Sustainability is the key to a better future.’
My mission is to collaborate with as many schools, institutions, & organizations, to connect with children of my generation, so that we youth, can seize the boundaries of our nations, put aside our differences & come together first, as humans & then as the future of this planet

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