Ahmedabad – ‘my city my heritage’

Ahmedabad-“my city my heritage”, a series of architectural illustrations by Aarya Chavda is a humble tribute to offer a glimpse into the rich 

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A Day with Gandhi

A little girl’s tribute to “The Mahatma” who was an epitome to establish values of truth and non-violence in human life. In a violent and brutal

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Seeds of Hope

Are we leading our future towards extinction? The blame for the sixth extinction would rest squarely upon human activity. We have pushed

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Intangible Ahmedabad

Have you ever heard of the pol in which Sultan Ahmed Shah lived? Rediscover the exciting journey of a young girl through the old city pols of

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Rising Above

Educating girls has proven to be one of the most important ways of breaking poverty cycles and bringing a balance in the society. Every girl has a 

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Rising Beyond

As children, how do we truly define a better understanding towards the right to choose, right to dream and right to self-express? This book

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Seeds to Sow

How does it feel like to lose, what we thought would last forever?
Will we be ever able to fix this current climate catastrophe?

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Magnificent Marvels

Twelve year old Aarya is a bookworm, and was unsurprisingly quite bored during the COVID-19 pandemic. The heritage and culture of Ahmedabad…

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‘Sustainability is the key to a better future.’
My mission is to collaborate with as many schools, institutions, & organizations, to connect with children of my generation, so that we youth, can seize the boundaries of our nations, put aside our differences & come together first, as humans & then as the future of this planet

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