KSV- Sarv Amrit Sangam

# The Change is now
‘Sarv Amrit Sangam’ organized by ‘Kadi Sarv Vishwavidhyalaya’ witnessed the confluence of 1085 youth from 30+ colleges, along with eminent dignitaries, guest speakers and professors who had come together to create a greater impact, to serve the nation for a better tomorrow.
As a guest speaker, Aarya presented her work on ‘Sustainable living- caring for climate’ and interacted with the university graduates from batch 1 to 75 of ‘Sarv Netrutva’
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‘Sustainability is the key to a better future.’
My mission is to collaborate with as many schools, institutions, & organizations, to connect with children of my generation, so that we youth, can seize the boundaries of our nations, put aside our differences & come together first, as humans & then as the future of this planet

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